Saturday, July 9, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I guess this is a 'better late than never posting'. My fellow blogger Tory Bray was kind enough to award me with the Stylish Blogger Award last month. Wow! Thank you Tory for the vote of confidence in my blog! It means so much to me to have another stamper appreciate my work. You can find Tory's blog called "If I can stamp, you can too! here and see what cute ideas she has to offer.

The only stipulation for the award is to list 6 other blogs that I visit and find inspiration when I visit them. Here's my list of blogs:

1. Ilina Crouse - My Creations

2. Janine Tinklenberg - Stamps, Paper, Scissors

3. Lee Conrey - Stampinglee Yours

4. Mary Fish - Stampin' Pretty

5. Sarah-Jane Kale' - Janeybell Designs

6. Dawn Griffiths - DOStamping with Dawn

Each of these ladies' blogs are fun and inspiring, and their styles of stamping are entirely different! But that's what makes it fun - to see what others are making and getting out of your own comfortzone to try something new. Hope you take some time to check out each one of these blogs and see for yourself how talented these ladies are!

Thanks for stopping by and I'll be getting back to my regularly scheduled card postings soon - hopefully tomorrow! Sharon

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Mary Fish said...

You are such a sweetie. Thanks for including me! Hugs, Mary