Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Playscape on Steroids

I mentioned a few days ago that there was a huge building project going on over here.  Friends have asked how the building went, when they got finished, and how the boys are enjoying it.  Well..... 

It's actually not even finished yet.  And it's not because they haven't been working at it for hours on end.  I thought you might like seeing a couple pictures to give you an idea of the magnitude of this playscape.

We own a double lot and as you can see the structure is taking up a fair amount of the 2nd lot.  See the little playscape the boys had originally there in the background?

This is the bare-bones structure.  None of the decking and just a few of the side slats are already done.

The weather has NOT been very helpful at all!
One of the slide pods has been installed here and a little more of the west tower construction has been roughed in
Here's mama and the boys checking out the work done that day before they went home.  This kind of gives a good idea of the size again.
Many more hours were spent working over the weekend and on Tuesday evening.  Coming along nicely, but still more work to be done.  And then Tuesday night was still more rain of course, so the work was suspended for today as everything was a little muddy.  Still need the swings attached, the decking on the bottom of both towers, and little touches to finish it all.
Whew!!  What a lot of work the three of them did to get this built.  But the boys are sure gonna love their playscape!

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